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15 daily doing hobbies that make money for stay at home moms

Life of moms are never easy. From handling childrens, cooking, cleaning and laundry they all

get tired through out the day. But somehow they manage time from their ever busy schedule

for doing something that soothens them. That is called a hobby.

In todays world we all have some kind of hobbies, but most of our hobbies are for enterteinment purposes. In this article i will share those hobbies for stay at home moms that can make money .

Hobbies that make money online for stay at home moms:


Gardening is a one fine hobby. Some people love nature, so they have a beautiful garden in their home. Well you would be surprised to know that gardening can be very profitable for you.

Grow those plants in your garden which have a high demand in market. For example the plant of alovera. Alovera plant is very cheap and you can easily plant it in your garden. After a month or two it starts growing. And be a little creative and make an alovera gel out of it. Brand it with your logo and sell it on amazon. You can even sell it without making it into an alovera gel.

As this is just one example you can grow other plants as well in your garden, if you have a bigger garden then you can plant fruits in it, like peaches, apples, guavas etc. But these plants need an extra care. but fruits always sell.


People love food but not alot of people know how to cook. So if you love cooking then you can be way profitable. Just make your videos of cooking and start uploading them on facebook and youtube as they have huge ad revenues.

Now here is a tip, Don't upload the recipes that are already uploaded by millions of people, upload those recipes that are unique and have a differnet touch of yours OR if you think that the recipes that are uploaded are not up to mark then you can upload your own recipe. But remember the key is uniqueness.

Secondly If you live in a busy street you can set a stall outside your home and sell the food that you made for that video, that is how you can make double profits. Imagine that 1000 of people passes by your home daily. And your dish goes for $5 and 100 people buys it. And your profit from sale is $3, you can earn a $300 daily.


Some people love their body. So in order to maintain fit they exercise and for most of the moms they do exercise in homes. As they can't afford to open their gym and don't have time to be an gym instructor.

As their are many online websites where you can join as a fitness instructor. Just Google the phrase "fitness instructor online jobs". And you will find thousand of jobs OR if you don't want to be a fitness instructor you can also make videos of yourself exercising and upload tutorials on facebook and youtube, as fitness channels have alot of Demands these days.

4-Sewing OR knitting:

Sewing is very hard skill. Most of the people don't have it. If you are good at sewing than make two or three of your best designs and upload them on your website and share them on you social media accounts. If people will love them, they will deifintely order from you.

OR you can take orders from your near by peoples and sew their clothes for them. I am pretty sure that you will get alot of orders and make quite good money.


Now a days this hobby is very rare, because most of the people don't like to write. If you have the skill of writing then consider yourself lucky because you can easily start a blog.

You can write about anything that you love.

You can also write about your life and people will read it . As i suggest that if you are starting , Start by making an account on medium and start writing your stories over there. As medium has 54 million unique visitors every month. So you have a very good chance to go viral.

If you don't want to start your own blog then you can go to or

and start working as an freelance writer. Trust me if you are a good writer you can make a lot of money.

As the company The owner of it started his blog on finance and for 2 years straight he kept on uploading one blog a day, but he made around $10,000. And now his company is making over $150 million in a year. That is the power of writing.


Some Moms are great actors but they just don't know that. If you have good acting skills then hold the camera and start vlogging. Vlogging is a method in which you share your life with other people through youtube. As just upload a 10 minute video of your daily life, but it must be intersting or doing a fun activity or an entertaining video. As that what actors do.

You can make alot of money through vlogging . People are making millions out of it. Some of the most successful vloggers are MO VLOGS, LOGAN PAUL and many more. You can easily make about $5000 to $10,000 if you have 100k subscribers


Yoga is very different from exercising. As some say it is the purification of soul to keep our souls healthy. As the yogi's are very concerned about their yoga, they don't even miss a day of their yoga.

It is a form of exercise that originated from india, As indians do yoga alot, Even their prime minister MR. Narendra Modi does yoga as the first thing when he wakes up in the morning every day.

As if some of you do yoga and you think you are really good at it then you can make your own course or an online yoga teaching center just like . Believe me many people want to learn yoga these days. As i told you it is very differnt from normal day exercise or gym.


Most people love to drive around for fun. But you can make money from it as register you car on uber and get paid whenever you drive somebody around from one place to another.

Or you can simply turn your car into billboard. As get to some low budget companies and put their banners on your cars and drive. They will pay you for it. As it is a cheap way of advertising.

9-DIY( Do it Yourself) hacks:

Moms are the best inventors when it comes to know small hacks of the house. As if you are that creative one than you can make money while sharing these hacks with other people through youtube or facebook.

Mostly hacks are about saving space with furtinure, kitchen hacks and many other. If you really think that your hacks are helpful and they have helped you in a certain way. Then also share them with others, and you can make alot of money from it.


Coding is a very unique and latest hobby. As people from the 90s don' t have these hobbies but todays moms are more advanced then their ancestors. As coding is a great skill and you can make alot of money out of it.

First method is that you can make gaming apps and upload it on the play store. It is a highly profitable method. Some people also call it "get rich overnight". As if your game wents viral on the play store and you got million of downliads . You can earn about $10,000 per month easily

Second method is to make softwares. If you are really good at coding and know languages like java and Python. You can really develop some high tech software, For example you can code like an online payment gateway, or bakery management system. These systems sell at a very high prices. There is a really good chance of making money if you know coding.

11- Graphic Designing:

This is hobby is a little different from coding. As it also requires a computer. As it is more of a skill than a hobby . But some people who love to make designs or have a fashion sense must learn graphic designing

Through graphic designing you can upload your designs on the any T-shirt , Cups and Socks Etc and sell them. This is called print on demand.

The other way is that you can create webiste designs for people. Now their are two ways. The first way is to create your gig on as start working as a freelance graphic designer

The second way is to work with some company and like gaming companies or software houses. These two ways can make alot of money. Some people sell only one website design for $5000. It's Huge.


Gaming is getting a trend day by day. As it was before a hobby as well, that was outdoor gaming like football but here i am talking about online gaming. You must be thinking that how can gaming make money.

There are alot of gaming competitions held online. As their was a pakistani kid who won 2 million dollars by playing the game DOTA. As he won the international gaming competion in Asia. Now a days there are gaming competions almost every month. Just search it on google and particiopate in them if you are good at gaming

The most popular games are Call Of Duty, PUBG, Dota and Etc. There are so may out there.If you love gaming then you definitely need to join these competitons.

13-Taking Pictures

This is a very common hobby. Everyone love to take pictures of the beautiful events of their life. If you think that you are a good photographer and you can take some breath taking photos of the nature or any other thing that sparkles you.

Then capture them and sell it on websites like or

As the key here is that the photos of nature sell very well and photos of daily work routines sell. As these photos are purchased by the buisnesses to use on their site.

You don't need to have an expensive camera for this. You can take pictures with just your ordinary mobile phone and then you can edit them beautifully and upload them.

14- Surfing the Internet:

As most of the people use alot of the internet all the day. As you can make money on the internet by reviewing things on the internet and give people the true feedbacks about their product or services

The website that does this is . This webiste pays you to review someone's apps or website and give them an honest opinion about their work. And in return usertesting will pay you. You can earn upto $10 per an honest review

Please note the review must be honest. If you don't know about anything and you are just giving reviews on the basis of getting more money. Then usertesting will block your account.

15-Reading in different Accents:

I know you must be thinking that it is not a hobby . But most of the moms have an habit of reading in different accents. As if you have this habit then you can be a very good transcriber.

The site for this is . Make an account on it and you will be assigned work. You will be given a text document and you will have to speak it in a beautiful accent. This can be done in almost any language.

They also payout huge , for one assignment they pay around $500. Just think that what if you get 10 assignments a month. But for that you must have a clear and a beautiful accent.


I hope that you like this article. If you are a stay at home mom and you have any of these hobbies listed above then i need you to take action on it immediately beacuse they can make you good money online.


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