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how to do affiliate marketing without a website for beginners

How to do affiliate marketing without a website:

In this article what I'm going to share with you is how to promote affiliate products online without a blog or a website.

Now maybe you're someone that's a beginner or you've been struggling or maybe you're not very technical and you don't have a lot of time in the day and you don't want to go through the work of creating a website or building out blogs and writing articles and stuff like


There are alot of ways that you can promote your affilate products to other people. These methods are legitimate and work very well.

You must be thinking that these methods must be scamming people, I know alot of people do that in affilaite marketing. But the methods i am gonna share with you today are no scams and are absolutely 100% legit.

As before beginning the article. I wanted to say that a website or a blog works very well when it comes to affiliate marketing. Because websites also receive organic traffic for free, So if your keywords rank on google. This means that your affiliate products will receive alot of targeted traffic.

But making website is also not an easy task if you don't know anything about domain or hosting. And you are just starting affiliate marketing.

Secondly making a website also requires alot of technical work. You must know a liitle bit of Html and Css, in order to edit yout site or if their is any fault in your site. People who start affiiate marketing just quickly want to make their first sale online.

The first sale is the breakthrough for most of the people, whether it is $1 or a $100. So don't worry i show you the methods that are simple and don't require alot of technical work and can eventually lead to your first sale.

Ways to do affiliate marketing without a website:

Now when we talk about other ways to do affilaite marketing without a website. They are firstly divided into two categories and that are free and paid methods. They both work great but free ways take more time then paid.

If you are just starting affiliate marketing and don't know anything about paid advertising. Them i would highly recommnend that you start with the free methods, Beacuse here you are not losing money and secondly you will gain alot of experience in these methods.

Now lets start with the free ways first.

Free ways to do affiliate marketing without a website:

Now I am going to break down the two simple steps that you need to do in order to do this and I'm going to reveal them in extreme detail as you continue to follow me inside of this article

the two simple steps that I'm going to break down in detail, Number one is how to find a product to promote, As you might know that's the first step to really do in affiliate marketing without a website or a blog.

You need to actually find a product to Start recommending people. So you can start to earn commissions. I'm also going to share With you, how to get people to your affiliate link and make money without a website.

Again I'm going to share with you once we find the product that how to get targeted people checking out your sales page, checking out your affiliate link and then end up buying. So you can make money as soon as this week now be sure to stay in.

Till the very end of the article you're going to discover where to find these powerful sites with products and I'm also going to share with you three incredibly easy ways to get traffic, which is visitors to your sales page for Free starting today.

So lets start with No. 1 Step

1-How to find a Product to Promote:


The first affiliate network that we are going to check is CLICKBANK.COM. Once you're on Clickbank you just want to create a free account and creating an account on clickbank is free. As you just have to fill your details and a little bit of personal information.

It is very simple to create an account on clickbank, if you still don't get it. Then there are thousands of tutorials on youtube you can just type in search bar that, " how to create an account on clickbank, and so many videos will pop up and just watch one of them.

But once you're inside Clickbank you'd go to the marketplace, Now the marketplace is where you're going to find all of these different products to actually promote and if you have never been to Clickbank

on the left side they have all these different categories now these are different categories from which you can choose products and actually start to promote them to make money with affiliate marketing

Now a lot of people ask me that what category do you recommend me to choose? In all of these different places to find products, which types of products should I choose?

Well it comes down to a few different factors, number one, I recommend people choose evergreen niches and evergreen topics these are topics that will never go away which are health wealth and relationships.

So you know that wealth is going to be business and investing. Health is going to be health and fitness and then, Relationships is going to be in self-help or you can go to dating guides.

All the other niches are going to come and go you know sometimes things aren't going to be as popular as the three discussed above.

Once you have selected your category, let's say health and fitness and let's say you go to diets and weight loss you would just open that up and you get taken to a list of different products on Clickbank that you can actually start to choose and to promote now.

What I recommend you to do is you sort results by gravity it's going to be on popularity by default. Change it to gravity by scrolling down the right arrow bar. That's going to list the top selling products towards the top.

Now the reason you want to find the top selling products to promote is because chances are if it's already selling well and you get people to check out that sales page chances are that you will also make some sales.

So you want to do that now, if you're on Clickbank .Then click on the promote button to get your link as when you will click on promote it will open up a new window and it will be asking for Account nickname and Tracking ID (optional)

Now the account nickname will be filled in by default this would be your username , when you created your account and you can leave the tracking id row empty and click on generate hoplinks , to get your backlink.

Though i recommend that you should also enable the tracking by typing in the source on which you are going to promote the link, through this you would get to know that from where your clicks are coming

For example if you are going to promote the link on facebook then, it type facebook in the Tracking ID row , it will generate a specific link, and when ever somebody will click on that link, you will come to know that these clicks came from facebook.

As this useful because if you have a track from where your clicks are coming the most , so you should scale that traffic source the most and leave the other traffic sources that are not working.

Now coming back , Once you have clicked the generate hop links button. You will get your affiliate link, Now this link is going to go to the sales page of the product and I recommend you kind of check out the sales page make sure it's good make sure that you actually resonate with what It’s saying before you actually promote the product. And make sure that it's already high selling.

Clickbank pays out between 30% to 70% Commission's meaning if you Recommend someone to a product you're Going to make about 30 to 70% of that money. This is pretty good.

Take this link and the link would be coded to you basically it's a cookie that fires on someone's computer or browser whenever they check out this link and that's how Clickbank will know if they bought Through your link or someone's else.

So you would just copy that link and that's the link you would start promoting with the three free traffic methods. I'm going to share with you as you follow along to the end of the Article so Clickbank is the first place very good and very powerful.


Now the second site that I tend to recommend people that I've personally used to find products is now what you want to understand about Jvzoo is this is mostly going to be internet marketing and make money online type of products.

So if you’re interested in weight loss maybe you're interested in mixed martial arts or you know yoga then this site would not be my number one recommendation for you. You're not going to really find a lot of products like that.

But I do want to share it with you, because I've used it for a lot of products, easy for me to say right, so once you're on here. Once you've created a free account again it's very simple.

After creating an account you simply just want to login.

As you are inside, you would go to affiliates find products and it's going to list out all these different products that again you can start to promote, Now jvzoo is slightly different on how you choose the products.

You want to look at how many are sold. How many of the products actually super sold what's the conversion rate? That means like how many people went to the sales page and bought, the higher the conversion rate usually the better that means it's a good selling product.

And then you also want to look at the average price. You don't want to promote something that's just like a couple dollars because it's not going to be worth your time you want to promote something at least twenty five dollars. And up for these methods and then you want to look at the refund rate.

You want to make sure that it's under 8% because that's a good gauge if it's like 13% here I wouldn't promote this because it's kind of telling you most people are buying and then refunding it and if they refund, it's in the period you won't actually make the money.

So you want to make sure that you promote something that is selling well and that's a good product and it has a low refund rate on Jvzoo.

What you would do now is you would actually request approval and then once you get taken to the page where there are conditions, you would basically hit I've read them then you say that I'm not a robot and then you just hit request approval.

And once you do that basically it's going to send a request to that creator, that product creator and they're going to choose whether or not they're going to approve you just starting off.

Or you may not get approved on every single product, So I recommend on jvzoo you apply to different products and you will get approved for some of them and then those are the ones that you would start to promote.

And then once you get approved you'll see where you can copy your affiliate link right there. So jvzoo again very powerful site to find products again mostly in the internet marketing and make money online niche but keep this in mind I've used it and a lot of my students have as well.


Now the last site I'm going to recommend you find products in the first step of this two-step powerful method to find products and then get people to those products to buy without a website or blog is

A lot of people don't realize basically you can find any product that you've bought on Amazon or you have bought from somewhere else maybe like a physical product maybe a TV, maybe speakers, you know whatever the case may be chances are you can find that on Amazon.

And again even better if you've already bought it off the Amazon, a lot of people don't realize every single product on Amazon has the ability to get an affiliate link to promote.

So again I would personally recommend, if you want to do the Amazon affiliate marketing. As I think that there are a lot of things in your house that you have bought from amazon and you don’t even know that you can also earn commissions from that product.

Type camera in search bar and you can just see cameras ranging from $49 to 149. As I believe that you would have one of these cameras. It's good with the Amazon to pick something that you've already either bought or you have experience with.

Because what we're going to be doing is in one of the methods .We're going to do a review on this product which is just giving our opinion and if you've never bought the product or you haven't used it you know it's going to be very difficult to do a review on something you've never used.

So this is going to be easy that you can just find a product to start promoting now once you find one on Amazon you want to open it up and for Amazon.

Basically it's called the Amazon Associates Program. What you would do is basically join that Associates Program and then at the top of Amazon whenever you open up a product it would have a bar where you can copy in your affiliate link.

So it will give you your affiliate link at the top of Amazon once you're an associate or an affiliate of Amazon. I hope that makes sense but again once you have your link.What you would do is just get your link and you could start promoting this exact camera to earn comissions so very it is also very powerful.

As now as you can find almost every product on amazon but there are also very big disadvantage of amazon as the affiliate commissions are very low.

As you will only get commissions from 3% to 10%, which means that if you make a sale of 149$ so you will get only 10 or 12$ dollars out of it.

It is not like Clickbank or Jvzoo that pay about 50 to 75% commissions. So I highly recommend that you should start promoting the products of Clickbank first so you can earn huge commissions at first.

Now from that two step method we have completed our first step that is to find a product. and now will be go on to our second step that is Generating free visitors to our affiliate links.

2- Free Traffic Methods:

a- Youtube:

Three methods to really start generating free visitors to our affiliate links to make sales as soon as this week without a website or blog well the very first method is probably not a surprise to most people and that is YouTube.

I personally use YouTube all the time I love it and the reason I love it is because with certain keywords you can literally attract people that are searching for answers.

Or searching for information about the affiliate product you're promoting and one of the best ways is to do a review video what you have to realize that people are 24/7 going to YouTube they're typing in products and then review.

for example maybe like let's say there's a new camera you know, let's say it's a Samsung camera and it just releases. Well people are going to YouTube all the time type Samsung review , Samsung 10 review you know whatever the camera name plus review.

So if you have a camera, that's why for amazon i recommend you use a product you already have. So you can literally with a smartphone or a webcam hold up the product that you have from your house and say,

hey guys you know i want to do a review of this product you know i bought this a week ago and then you share your honest opinion whether you like it or you don't and if you do like it you would leave your affiliate link.

Let’s say you have an amazon affiliate link in the description of the video underneath, so at the end of your video you'd say hey you know I hope you enjoyed this review. I honestly personally recommend this camera if you want access to it be sure to go to the Link below and you want to tell people to go to the link below so they buy through your link and not go and research it on someone else's site.

So that's the first method to get free Traffic anyone could do a video you can throw it up and you never know what video is going to go viral . As I know that this method still works today right, I've done this so many times and this method absolutely works.

b- Instagram:

What's the second free method the second free method which we are using is Instagram , a lot of people they have an Instagram profile but what they don't realize is you can actually start to promote products from your profile now.

A lot of people they do not have any links in their Instagram profile and they're wondering why they're not making money well let's say you're posting on Instagram daily well if you just put a link let's say an affiliate link you go to Amazon or you go to clickbank you put that affiliate link in the bio chances are some people are gonna come to your profile and click on it and you could potentially make sales.

Some of the main concepts are you want to again have something in your bio, you also want to tell people to click on that link a lot of people just put a link in their bio but they're not telling people a reason to actually click on the affiliate link

And what you want to do the last step really for Instagram and again there's more steps but to make this easy is you want to be posting pictures that relate to whatever you're promoting so if you're in weight and if your product that you're wanting to promote maybe on Clickbank which is in weight loss then what you would do, is to post pictures of weight loss quotes.

You can post pictures of people that have lost weight maybe before-and-after pictures .You can go to Google images and type weight loss motivation and you can actually upload

Those pictures onto your Instagram and the cool thing is what will happen you'll start to get people seeing pictures and then they will come to your bio

And on your link you should put a description that, learn how I am able to lost this much weight in 2 months or could say by the way if you want to discover how I'm able to live this life go to the link in my bio and you're directing people to your bio link and again that's going to be how you're going to be getting traffic in potentially sales

As you can start it today. You don't need a website or blog and you can start doing this as soon as today.

Another bonus tip with Instagram is its good to use hash tags, which are basically ways to categorize your picture and start to attract people so you could use hash tags like weight loss, weight loss tips if that's what you're doing then you'll start to attract people that are interested in your product.

c- Facebook:

The last free method is something using Facebook.

Facebook is a goldmine because almost everyone has a Facebook account and it's totally free and I personally made thousands and thousands of dollars to last five years online just using my free Facebook account.

Not running any paid ads not using a blog or a website just using my profile and there's really two ways you can use Facebook you can do it on your Facebook profile.

I have products that I'm promoting and I've built a following I have seven to 8,000 people have followed me I've built this following so when I post people are going to potentially see it and I can send them to my affiliate product and stuff like that.

But you may be watching this and if you don't have a big following maybe you don't have a lot of friends well for you.

I recommend you go to Facebook groups. Facebook Groups work very well for affiliate products. But the key here is that you build a trust relationship over here. People are only gonna buy from you if they believe in you.

Now how to build trust with people. First of all you shouldn't be promoting any false or fake product. If you are doing so then people will eventually buy from you in start and you will make a little bit of money, But then they will put bad reviews on your profile and your reputation can be hurt.

So it is very important that you must have a right product that actually solves the problems of the people. For example if you have a weight loss product. That says lose weight in three weeks. Then i would recommend that firstly buy that product for yourself and then see that if the product works for you or not.

If you can't afford to buy it then search that product on google. For example if your product name is leptitox, then search on google "leptitiox reviews". As most of the articles will pop up and from there you can make an estimate that is this product legit or not.

Now coming on to the facebook group. Taking the example of the weight loss products. Go to your facebook home page and in the search bar type "weight loss". When you have typed that then click on the groups section at the top.

This will show you all of the weight loss groups that facebook has. Now you have to join 10 groups from them , But remember only join those groups who has 10 to 20 posts per day. As it shows that people are interacting in this group. And are those people who wants to lose weight.

When you are admitted in those groups by the admin. Build a following over there. You should share healthy diets, Weight loss tips over there. You must share info graphics over there as they work well. You can get the info graphics from the pinterest. But remember when you share an info graphic taken from pinterest you have to link that infographic as where it was linked in pinterest.

Other wise you can get a copyright strike. You should also share weight loss videos. You can get copyright videos from youtube. Go to youtube and in the search bar and write weight loss. After that click on filters and click on creative commons. By doing so you can get videos that you can use on facebook without getting any copyright strike.

Once you share these pictures and videos. People will react on it or post comments on it. You must note at least 20 or 30 people should engage with your posts. So once they start engaging. You need to conduct a survey now.

Surveys are the best forms of getting attention of the people. You can conduct a 10 question or less survey if you want. Your questions must be, What are your weight loss goals?. From when are you trying to loss weight? , Would you like to get fit in just two months?. Are you seeing where it is going?

As believe me most of the people will respond to your survey and after they have responded, present them your affiliate product , by saying that " I think i might have found a solution of your problems". Once the people get to the sale page there is a 90% chance that they will buy your product.

I hope that you should have known by know that how facebook groups work. But always remeber don't scam people. Always build trust with the people and help them solve their problems. It will build a long term relationship of yours with them and in the future they will again buy from you.

Paid ways to do affiliate marketing without a website:

1- Udimi solo ads:

There are many paid ways to do affiliate marketing but in this article i am going to share only one. Because i myself has tried this method and i don't want to confuse you by telling so many methods, because then what happens is people are confused on which method to start.

And as other methods also require to have a website or to have a landing page through click funnels. As those are also good methods, but i recommend to people that if you are considering to create a landing page, it is better to have a website instead of that.

As website can rank on google, but a landing page cannot, and trust me the most targeted traffic that you can ever get is from the search results of google. But that doesn't mean that you can't get targeted trafic from other sources.

Note:Now udimi is only the traffic source for clickbank and jvzoo products it is not for amazon

Now first of all you need to go to And simply create an account on their. As you have created your account now on the top you can see the option of Find Sellers, when you click on that you will have some filters popped in front of you.

As you can set the settings according to your product but the basic settings that i like to set was , i used to make the price per click to $0.50, the Got sales one to 20%, Sort it by sales, the sellers language english and ratings to be 10+.

As this was my settings and i want you to set according your own interest. Once you have set the filters then you want to check the profiles of the people. And see their reviews. If in their reviews , most of the people have gotten sales, then you should go for that solo ad.

When you have selected a person, now you have to send them your affiliate link, and don't said the long affiliate link, make it short by a url shortener, you can use .

When you send them your link , most probably they will write an email based on your product and send them to their audience. as you can also send them your email, but i prefer leave it to them , as they know better what will convert best for you.

So that's almost it, but remember patience is the key, you won't everytime get sales. And once again it is very important for you to choose the right product by the methods i have discussed above

I hope you have liked the article, As i have tried my best to make it simpler for you.

Also if you are serious about affiiate marketing and want to turn it into a 6 figure online buisness then do check our join us page and if you have any questions about affiliate marketing then make sure to contact us


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