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How to make money with affiliate programs

If you want to set up a business on the Internet, knowing how to make money from affiliate programs can be a good start, since a large number of content sites, such as blogs, have a large part of your revenue from this business model.

A great barrier for those who want to make money from advertising on the blog is the capture of advertisers, especially at the beginning of the business.

After all, your audience in these first moments will not be that big to capture the interest of advertisers.

This is where knowing how to make money from affiliate programs makes the difference. Through them, you get advertisers for your blog or website, even if it is not yet as popular.

Of course, it's not a fortune at first, but with work and dedication you can turn affiliate programs into a real money-making machine.

Whether as an option to earn money in your free time on the Internet or to create a business that will become your main source of income, Affiliate Programs are the best option for producing content on the web and to make money from it.

The way to make money with affiliate programs

See below what you need to do, to start taking your first steps in the affiliate program area, and set up an online business that is really consistent. Let's start by presenting some definitions.

1 - What is an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a great alternative to monetize websites, which you can use as the main source of business profitability or work together with other options, such as selling products and services.

"Affiliate program is an advertising service provided by a company that rents and sells advertising space on the Internet, so that the owner of the leased space is paid according to the performance of the advertising campaign." - Wikipedia

Through affiliate programs, you will be able, through advertisements placed on your blog or website, to sell or indicate third-party products and services and earn a commission for sales that originate from these ads.

In the world of online business , this is the least investment model and can be applied to a website or blog.

Other affiliate programs pay for clicks on ads, such as Google AdSense or simply for ad views.

As these options vary from platform to platform, it is important to research which one best suits your business strategy.

2 - What are Affiliate Platforms

Another concept that you need to know if you are interested in how to make money from affiliate programs is Affiliate Platforms.

Affiliate Platforms are sites that bring together various producers and companies that offer affiliate programs. The great advantage of these sites is that by bringing together several programs in one place, it is easier to manage.

How to make money with affiliate programs involves several functions, such as content production and marketing, any tool that facilitates the work is welcome.

There are several affiliate platforms covering the most varied segments. Among them, the best known are:


  1. Hotmart - Affiliate program focused on infoproducts

  2. Monetizze - Another platform for infoproduct affiliate programs

  3. Google AdSense - The largest and most comprehensive affiliate program in the world

  4. Amazon - The e-commerce giant offers a great affiliate program

  5. Awin - One of the largest affiliate programs for selling physical products

  6. Lomadee - Buscapé's affiliate program also focused on selling products

  7. Imagem Veneers - Om great program in the area of ​​jewelry

  8. 24 Hours Courses - Program for the sale and indication of online courses

3 - Understand the basic concepts

How to make money with affiliate programs if you don't master the principles? Difficult, don't you think? So this is the first step.

Terms like conversion window, commission assignment, affiliate types and other technical terms need to be studied so that you can really understand what you are doing.

As with any business, if you don't master the fundamentals, you will hardly be able to create a business based on affiliate programs that is truly sustainable in the medium and long term.

4 - Pay attention to the rules of each program

Affiliate programs are a great option for those who want to make money on the internet , but you need to be aware of the rules of each program, so as not to have problems like banning the program or canceling earnings.

Some are exclusive and others still have restrictive rules regarding disclosure through sponsored links and social networks.

Before starting a business with affiliate programs , it is necessary to carefully analyze the existing options and choose those that best fit your website's profile.

Since earning money from affiliate programs is an eternal search, this will be a great exercise for you to get used to.

The secrets of making money with affiliate programs

Now that you know how to make money from affiliate programs , let's discuss the most advanced version of it all: How to earn real money from them.

Setting up a blog or content portal and having all the content development work, SEO - Optimization for search tools and managing the entire platform, so that at the end of the month, discovering that you won less than $ 100 is not the least bit fun.

As in any business, here we also have some tricks. The first one is the choice of the subject of the blog or portal.

You should look for topics that have a large number of advertisers, and especially, advertisers that pay well. If the idea is to make money with Google AdSense then this is essential.

In addition you will need to create quality content. So choose a theme that places you in the best branded niche for affiliate programs , so that your profitability potential is really good.

The second secret for anyone who wants to know how to make money from affiliate programs is contextualization, that is, putting the right ads in the right place.

In affiliate programs like AdSense, contextualization is done automatically by Google's adserver. How to make money with affiliate programs goes through the contextualization of ads, it's a hand in the wheel.

In other programs, such as Awin and Lomadee, you will have to find the best place to display each type of ad.

One of the great secrets in this business is to make the ad part of the information, that is, it has to do with the content you are presenting on the pages where they are inserted.

Working in this way, the chances of the ad being clicked are much higher, which consequently increases your earnings.

Respect your audience

Another secret that I give to anyone who wants to know how to make money from affiliate programs is to respect your audience. Never advertise on your website a product that you do not trust or that you have already tested.

If the visitor buys this product or service and is disappointed, one of the images that will suffer from this terrible experience is that of your website.

So, filter what you advertise on your site. Your credibility comes before any money your site can earn. So only work with affiliate products that you really believe in.

Now that you know how to make money from affiliate programs, whether to earn extra income on the Internet or to start your own business, start designing your strategy and research what are the best alternatives for your blog or website.


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