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How to sell on facebook with your page

How to sell on Facebook - Turn your page into a virtual store on Facebook

Our subject today is how to sell through Facebook, a low-cost online business idea that can become a great business.

There is no denying the importance of Facebook as a marketing tool these days. Virtually everyone has a profile on this network, and this makes it a great business opportunity.

The Social Commerce has been growing for two main factors function. The first is that people increasingly seek to buy with brands or people with whom they have developed a previous relationship.

The second reason is that the social media platforms themselves have identified this trend and are increasingly launching tools to make e-commerce directly via their platforms.

For this reason, we have prepared this short guide on how to sell on Facebook, one of the main social media in worldwide.

You will see that they are simple tips for organizing the entire sales process through Facebook and, by table, also on Instagram, since the two platforms are fully integrated in this area.

As selling through Facebook and other social networks has become an increasingly professional activity, we have selected some technical tips to make your strategies much more assertive, thus generating a greater return.

Top tips on how to sell on Facebook

It is a fact that currently many people and companies already sell through Facebook and Instagram with relative success, but we realize that, because they are unaware of the most sophisticated techniques and tools, they do not exploit their full potential.

Therefore, for those who want to know how to sell on Facebook in a more professional way, we have created a list with a series of tips for those who are looking to start a business on this social network, or for those who want to increase their sales.

The path of the stones must pass through ten points that we consider the main ones:

  1. Plan your sales actions on Facebook

  2. Create a sales structure on Facebook

  3. Create a solid fan base

  4. Go beyond commercial publications

  5. Create exclusive promotions for your fans

  6. Invest in quality images

  7. Provide maximum information about the products

  8. Make the purchase process easier on Facebook

  9. Use Facebook ads - Facebook Ads

  10. Develop a good customer relationship system

So let's see what to do in each of these cases and structure a new Facebook sales strategy and structure.

Plan your sales actions on Facebook

Our first tip on how to sell on Facebook is essential. Have a sales strategy. It won't do you any good to publish your promotions if there's no strategy behind it.

Analyze your audience through Facebook Insights and discover their habits and customs, to achieve a more segmented reach. In addition, create a schedule of offers, make an editorial plan and automate these routines.

Create a sales structure through Facebook

After defining your sales strategy through Facebook, the next step for anyone who wants to know how to sell through Facebook in a professional way, is to focus their initial efforts on building a sales structure on the platform, the foundation of their E-commerce .

For this, you will first need to have a page configured in order to serve as a basis for the e-commerce that you will develop on the page itself.

As selling via Facebook means having a professional sales structure, the second step is to activate the virtual store structure, which can be done through the configuration module of your page.

That done, comes the phase of creating departments and registering products, as if it were a virtual store in its classic concept. A  virtual store on Facebook  follows the same principles as conventional e-commerce.

As selling on Facebook is already half way to set up a virtual store on Instagram, take advantage of this structure to create another sales channel. We suggest you read our How to Sell on Instagram article .

Build a solid fan base

Another key tip for anyone looking to know how to sell on Facebook in a professional and profitable way is to create a solid fan base for your page, and consequently, your online store.

It is clear that having a high number of fans is essential for anyone who wants to sell on Facebook, but it is necessary that this fan base be segmented and have a high degree of engagement, otherwise, it is just a number.

In fact, engagement is a natural consequence of segmentation, so try to build your fan base based on:

  • Demographic data such as age, gender, location and others;

  • Interests that are directly aligned with your products;

  • People who visited your online store or website, if you have one;

  • Personalized audiences created through your email list.

With a good  Facebook marketing strategy , you can create a fan base that is aligned with the products you want to sell on Facebook. That way, your chances of selling will greatly increase.

Go beyond commercial publications

Selling on Facebook is not posting your news, offers and promotions. To sell on Facebook you need to create engagement with your fan base and this is also done through publications that go beyond commercial content.

Make publications with daily tips in your area, behind the scenes of your business, news from your sector and other information. The development of good content for social networks is fundamental to the success of the business.

As selling on Facebook is creating relationships, non-commercial content is essential.

Create exclusive promotions for your fans

One of the strategies to keep your fan base loyal to your virtual store on Facebook is to create exclusive promotions for your audience. People like to feel special and this type of promotion has that effect.

These promotions can range from special discounts, such as flash sales, with special conditions for a specific time, to specific services and products. It is the type of marketing action that works very well.

Another suggestion is to make promotions for birthdays, for example, that you can easily target in Facebook ads, through the application of placement filters, depending on the date of birth.

Another one that is classic is the promotion that revolves around a specific celebration, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day and others for example.

As selling through Facebook is about creating relationships and engagement, these actions will help you to always be in touch with your base.

Invest in quality images

Images play a fundamental role in e-commerce and, therefore, if you want to sell on Facebook, our tip is that you must invest heavily in this area for the business to work. The  importance of photos in e-commerce  is unquestionable

Therefore, work on the images so that they have a good definition and preferably, use several images, from different angles, so that the buyer can have a complete view of the product, thus providing a better shopping experience.

Provide maximum product information

Selling these days is giving information, so give as much detail as possible in your sales publications on Facebook. How to sell on Facebook if you don't explain your product?

Errors, for example, omitting the price of the product or service in the publication can make a big difference when closing the sale. Being transparent is the best option.

Not putting the price you can lose many potential customers, and in addition, this attitude will generate a series of comments or messages in private, which you will have to answer, increasing your back office and generating much more work.

Make buying easier on Facebook

Another key tip for those who want to know how to sell on Facebook is to make the purchasing process as easy as possible, removing barriers that may hinder or prevent the deal from being concluded.

If you have an online store, create a direct link to the product detail page, or if you don't have a store, create one on Facebook. Another option is to create a contact form on your own page, through an application.

Use Facebook ads - Facebook Ads

Another good tip for those who want to know how to sell on Facebook is to use Facebook Ads, the paid ads on Facebook. They enhance the reach of your publications and make your products appear to a targeted audience.

With a relatively low investment, you will be able to reach a much larger number of people, and with the advantage of choosing the profile that best suits your product. Mastering the  techniques of Facebook Ads , the result is simply divine.

Develop a good customer relationship system

Having a virtual store on Facebook is like having an independent e-commerce. Customer service is essential. So establish a routine for managing your store and relationship with your customers.

Answer all questions as quickly as possible and keep your buyers always informed about the progress of your orders. Making sales through Facebook is above all knowing how to create a good relationship environment.

As selling on Facebook today is becoming an increasingly technical activity, my final tip is that you seek training and keep up to date with the new tools.


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