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Make Money Online as a broke college student

Are you a broke student in college and need more money? In this article i will share with you two ways that made me money online and can also help you as well. Now don't worry I am not gonna sell you anything. The methods I am gonna share with you can be started totally free and can also make good money.

But remember they are not "get rich quick Schemes". These methods require a little bit of hard work. If you do it right or folllow the correct procedure these methods can make you millions of dollar as well.

The first step is that you must have two things. If you don't have a laptop and an internet connection. Then please don't read further. Beacuse these are the basic essentials.

Now lets not waste any more time and get straight into those two methods.

Ways That make money online as a College student:

1- Freelancing:

I hope that you have probably heard of this term before. Or have known someone who does freelancing. It is a method in which you can sell your own services to other people in which you are good at.

Now we are not talking about daily life skills over here.We are talking about online skills, that you can provide value to other people. The most of the skills that sell are Virtual assistant, Data entry, Article writing, Seo services, Social media manager, Website designing, Web

developement and many other.

Now you must be wandering that where do we sell these services. As there are many freelancig sites out there , but the one i used and recommend is

If you know any of these skills then go to fiverr and make an account. Then create your gig on it. Now the key here is that you have to create a very appealling gig that attracts clients towards you . As you will not be the only one that is providing that service, there will be other people as well.

So the only thing that makes you unique from others is your gig description. Make it as unique as possible and add a little bit of twist so that your gig ranks in fiverr and more people see. As your gig is seen by thousands of people, so you can get good no. of orders.

Now if you don't know any of the skill then don't worry . I will explain the most easy ones to you and tell you that which skills can be laerned in a week and you can also create your gigs on fiverr and start selling.

1- Virtual Assistant:

I Hope that you would get any idea by listening this term. A virtual assiatant is a person who handles the administrative purposes of the buisnesses. Now again we are not talking about any buisness, But we are talking about online buisnesses.

Such as an E commerce store, Which sells T-shirts. So you can provide them your services by saying that i will manage all of your sales, getting customer feedbacks, Handle refunds of a product, See how many shirts are getting sold, which shirts are more profitable and etc,

A good virtual assistant will provide all of these services. Other than that if the company can also have their own requiremnets. But these requirements would not be that difficult. As everybody can be a virtual assistant. It is not that difficult.

2- Article Writing:

If you are a college student than you know how to write essays. Well i also started with article writing gig. Now you don't have to write long essays over here. Just write articles that are not more than 1500 words.

As you can get order to write on any topic. And you will have to provide a unique article. Don't just copy and paste. Otherwise you will have very bad reviews. Always remember that the key to success in freelancing is providing value. If your customers are happy with you and you have a good rating. Then believe me you can make a good earning.

As writing article is not that difficult. If your client gives you to write about "Keto diet". Then search this term on google and see the articles over there and just read at least four articles.

Then take an idea from those articles and see that can you write them in your own words or not. Now remember also put some pictures and videos in your article. You can get images from and videos from youtube.

If you follow these instructions you can make good money online. For now i suggest that you should master these two skills as they are easy and profitable. The other skills are hard and requires time.

Lets move on to the other way that i talked about .

2- Print on demand:

what comes in your mind when you hear this term. Most people will think as a huge printing comapnay , you are to a little extent right . As it is a printing company but not of yours, The role of yours will be to submit designs and put them on products like T-shirts, Socks, mugs, Lighters and many other products.

The product i recommend you to start is T-shirts. It is an evergreen niche. As people are not going to stop from buying T-shirts. Now what will make your product sell more than other people. As there are so many stores that sell T-shirts, What will make your product unique.

The answer is Make design of trending things like memes. Now don't just put memes onto the shirt, Edit them and make them beautiful so that people get attracted to them. Or put anything on the shirt that people love. For example if a person is a coffee lover . And your shirt has a tittle of "Coffee is better than Tea". Then there is a 90% chance that your shirt will sell.

Most of you would be thinking that we don't know how to design. And we also don't have money to buy designing software. There is a free online software called Make an account on it and start designing. It is so simple to design on canva. Their are thousands of tutorials on youtube just watch any one of them and you will be a pro by watching them.

Now once you have made your designs you have to put them on As this will be your print on demand company. That will handle the Shirt price, Print your designs on to the shirts, handle your deliveries and also handle your payments for you. Isn't that cool.

Make an account on teespring and at least post 10 of your designs . And after posting them , share them on facebook or any of your social media accounts. and ask your friends to like, add good comments and share that post to make it viral. As if your post goes viral. Then get happy, because your bank account is gonna increase.


As the method I have shared works amazingly well. And can also work for you. If you follow them as told. I want you take action on them As they are totally free and you can do them part time.

These methods have made me $1000 online and i really hope that they will work for you as well.

I hope you liked this article. Best of Luck.


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