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The most easy and hard skills you can learn to make money online

Updated: May 16

Skills That make Money Online:

Every body have hidden skills or talent in them. but they can't figure it out, but we are not going to talk about normal day skills today. We will discuss online skills you can learn to make money online.

Now there are easy skills and hard skills to learn. Easy skills means that you can learn them in a week and start implementing them to make money online.

Secondly are the hard skills . These skills take betweem 3 to 6 months to learn or even more. But these skills can also pay more and you can create a good income online.

Easy skills also pay more but the problem is that there is alot of competition in them, And alot of people are doing them , if you want to stand out you need to very creative or unique. On the other hand hard skills don't have much competiton and you can make money online in good figures in just a short period of time.

Easy skills that make money online:

1- Blogging:

Blogging is a very easy skill to learn. As i hope that all of you had attended high school or at least once in your life written an essay. Well Writing is just like that.

Now you must be wandering that how can Blogging make us money online.You need to start writing blogs about the thing you love. Now Don't just write about anything. Write blogs on that topic that people want to read.

The most famous blog topics are Health and Fitness, Financial Blogs, Travelling , Entertainmanet, News Blogs. These blogs tend to make more money than other topics. But as i told before there is alot of competition in them. If you need to stand out you need to be more creative.

Blogging can be started free on, and can be started on wordpress as it is a paid method . In which you have to get a domain first and then a hosting. I suggest that you start with the free method first, And as you start growing switch on to wordpress, as wordpress is the best platform for blogging.

Secondly if you don't want to start blogging then you can go to or These are freelance websites. Here you can create your gig and start earning as freelance writer.

2- Voice over artist:

I hope everyone can read in their native language. In child hood many of us have read novels or some sort of books. It doesn't matter in which language you read.

There is a site called which pays you for reading text in more than 100 languages. Well you just have to create an account on this site and upload your sample of reading over there. And if they like your sample they will assign you work.

You can earn alot of good income over here. As people are making $1000 and more over here. Here is the tip, keep your accent and voice very clear, So that people will love your work and assign you more work.

3- Photo Editing:

Well in todays era everybody have smartphones. And Everybody love to take photos of the beautiful events that have happened in their life.

Now you don't need an expensive camera to take these photos. Your smartphone is enough for these photos. What happens to sell these photos is editing. As you need to learn editing. After you have editied your picture to a highest quality. You need to sell them on website like and

The key here is that the pictures of nature and wild life sell very well. Actually there are buisness that buy these pictures for their websites.

5- Affiliate marketing:

In life if we like something and we have benefitted from that thing, so we refer that thing to other people so they can also get benefit from that product or service. That is called affiliate marketing. But in that you are not getting any benefit.

Online affiliate marketing is the same you refer any product or service to other. But here the difference is that you refer them to that product or service through your affiliate link. Which means that if the person buys that product or service. Than you would also get a certain amount of comission from it.

The comission can be 20%, 50% or even 75%. That means that if a product is valued for $100 and somebody bought it from your affiliate link then you will get $75 from that. It sounds to good to be true. But it actually is.

Their are alot of affilaite networks out there, but the one i recommend to start are clickbank and amazon, because clickbank pays you upto 75% comission. And amazon almost has every product that can be easily selled.


A person who converts videos or audios into written form is called a transcriber. This skill is very easy to learn. It requires a little bit of practice but a person can master it in a couple of weeks.

once you have the skill apply for job in websites like and You will have a little test and if you will clear that you will get the job. The transcribers earn about more than $1000 per month.

You need to maintain a good rating on these websites. The more good rating you have, the more work you will be assigned and hence the more money you will earn.

7- Vlogging:

Everybody uses youtube in these days. It is the second biggest site in the world. Now i am pretty sure that you have heard of vlogging. You basically record your everyday life and upload in on youtube. As this is the most easy skill to learn.

Some of the famous vloggers are Mo Vlogs and Logan Paul. These guys make millions of dollars from vlogging. You can also make a good amount of money if you have 100k subscribers.

The key to vlogging is that do something entertaining, that people enjoy watching. don't just upload random daily routine of yours. Just do a challenge or share amazing experiences of your life. Beleieve me if you follow these steps. You will soon hit 100k subscribers and start making huge amounts of income.

8- Podcast:

It is a little diffeent from Vlogging. As through podcast you really can grow on youtube very fast. Podcast means that you have to invite a celebrity or a social media star on your channel for an interview.

As it is a proven method. because that people already have a huge fan following. and chances on getting viral are very high. Now it is not important that they should be present physically in your podcast. But you can also have an interview on skype.

This method also works great. Most of the people are doing this and making thousands of dollars every month. You just have to copy this method and start seeing results.

Hard skills That make Money Online:

1- Programming:

Programming is the best skill you can ever learn. The cybersecurity is a trillion dollar industry. If you how to code then consider yourself very lucky as you can make huge money. But those of you who don't know Programming should start to learn.

Now Programming can't be learnt in a month or two. People spent 2 or 3 years to learn it properly. It is a very broad industry. As there are different languages to be learned in Programming few of them are Java, phython, C++ and many more.

If you are serious about Programming and really want to learn it . Then there are various courses on that you can join, But it isn't about joining any course, its about how much you practice. An average coder practices about 4 to 5 hours a day to have a strong control.

As my recommendation would be that you must learn cyber security as the hacking community is rising day by day. The government and the other security agencies need programmers who can prevent these hackers.

There is a guy in russia who makes almost a million dollars a year from home just by protecting high scale companies from being hacked.There is alot of potential in coding and it can really make you big $$ but the point is that it isn't easy.

You can also develop apps, games from Programming. As java is the language behind most of the games. An average java professional earns $94,000 per year.

You can also open a software house and start doing projects for small buisness. As you can develop bakery management systems , Pharma systems, and many other. Most of the websites need their own online payment gateway or you could start your own just like stipe and paypal.

These are some oppurtunities that you can make from coding. But the list doesn't end here, there are way more things that a programmer can do. As i told you that is the best ever skill that you can learn.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates are one of the best examples when it comes to Programming , who from their dorm rooms went up to success. In their interview they said a man can never learn Programming as a whole, It is a step by step process.

Note: Programming can be abused as well, Please don't do that, most of the youngsters these days hack into confidential websites and they end up being in jail. It is a serious crime. Use Programming for good purposes and be a good symbol for society.

5- 3D animation:

You might have scene disney movies. Some of them are animated like zootopia or dolittle. The animation used in them is called 3D animation. It is a very difficult skill. There are softwares on which you can do 3D animation and those are Autodesk maya, Cinema 4D and Lightwave 3D.

As you need to have a strong skill on any of these softwares. as 3D animation is not easy so it may take you upto 4 or 6 months to learn.

Mostly this is used by the medical practitioners to show how a surgery operates. As they make videos of heart transplant, kidney transplant and other procedures. But these videos are not made cheap. They cost alot. people charge 1000 of dollars for making of one video. You can also start freelance work on or As the freelancers earn alot from giving these services. Most of the buisness now prefer 3D animation videos than white board or label videos. So there is a great chance of your making money.


Seo stands for search engine optimization. It is a very trendy skill these days. In this you have to rank articles and websites on the first page of the google for certain keywords. According to experts it is multi billion dollar industry.

It is the wish of every site owner that their site ranks on the first page of google. But ranking on google is not so easy. Learning seo requires alot of hardwork and patience.

You can open your own seo agency and do seo for clients and rank their websites. As you can charge your clients 1000 of dollars for your services. The main gurus in the seo industry are neil patel and the hoth. These people easily make $10 million dollars per year.

Seo doesn't include ranking in google it somehow also involves social media marketing as well. As most of the people use facebook, instagram and youtube these days.

These social media sites are great to expand buisnesses. So if you want to learn seo, do learn facebook, youtube and instagram ads as well. Beacuse all of them combined is a complete seo agency.

7- Gymnastics and martial arts:

Everyone must have heard of bruce lee. The great martial artist. Martial arts is another great skill that can make you money online.

If you are good at martial arts and you know all the rules of it then you can open an online institute of it and start training online. Or you can learn it first but it isnt easy to learn. It will require you almost a year to get the basics of martial arts and with time you will learn more.

The other skill is gymnastics. Gymanstics is a sport that requires balance, strength and flexibility.

You can do the same with gymnastics open an online teaching institute and start acquiring students and teach them. It is not an easy skill it requires very hard training . But both of these skills can make a good money online.

Note: These two skills can also be highly dangerous. Learn them at your own risk. Only learn them if you had any previous knowliedge about them or you are really passionate about them.


I have listed most of the major skills that you can learn and make money online. Please do implement and take action on anyone of them.

I Hope you liked this article.


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